Barista Basics

Barista Basics

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In a joyful atmosphere, we will help you learn about the simplest techniques that are able to develop your skills in preparing the appropriate espresso standard and the correct method of steaming milk, with the application of practices to understand the following art drawing poses that help you prepare a beautiful cup every day.

  • About the specialty coffee
  • Espresso grind calibration
  • Description of the machines and tools used
  • The basics of steaming milk
  • Preparing hot/cold espresso drinks
  • Black coffee and manual dripping
  • Espresso machine cleaning

Course duration: 2 days (3 hours per day)

the coach
Raghad Alghamdi

Raghad Alghamdi


Hjeen Coffee Roasters

Date & Time
August 1, 2022
Start - 4:00 PM
August 2, 2022
End - 7:00 PM Asia/Riyadh